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    Equine Banner Xchange

    Join the Exchange!          Members Only

    Increase Your Site's Traffic with Free Equine Banner Ads!

    Let HorsePages.com FREE Banner Xchange increase traffic to your horse related site!

    • Expose your horse site to thousands of visitors on the Web.
    • You display banners for other members equine sites and they display banners for you! 
    • Your ads will be displayed on HorsePages.com, Horselover.net and other leading equine sites.
    • It's highly targeted!  Only equine and horse related sites are allowed to join.
    • No Banner?  No Problem.  Create one free here http://animationonline.com/

    Free Up to the Minute Statistics!

    • Measure your advertising effectiveness by the number of new visitors to your site.
    • Track Banners Displayed On Your Site.
    • Track Displays of Your Banner on other sites


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is it really free?
A. Yes!  Our HorsePages.com Banner Xchange is 100% free for all members.

Q. Who pays for it then?
A. To keep it free, we incorporate some of our own, and some paid equine advertisements into the rotation.  You earn one banner exposure for every two shown on your site.  Plus you get one exposure for each click on a banner shown on your site.

Q. What banner sizes do you support?
A. We support a standard 460x60 banner as seen below.

Q. How quickly can my account be setup?
A. Account activation is usually within a few days. We manually validate all sites which join our exchange to make sure all sites are equine related with no inappropriate content. 

Q. Are my details private?
A. Absolutely. We take your privacy very seriously.


HorsePages.com Banner Xchange


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